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Heike und Michael Kaupenjohann aus Wesel a. Niederrhein, 14. Dezember 2021
Mit großem Bedauern erreichte uns diees Nachricht. Wir behalten Rudi Trautz immer in guter Erinnerung. Wir durften ihn lange Jahre als Trainer genießen, in der Zeit wo wir in Augsburg gewohnt haben.
Martina und ihren Kindern Nina und Nico wünschen wir viel Kraft für die kommende Zeit.
Unser aufrichtiges Beileid
Heike und Mike
Hannes Emrich aus WDC President, Board of Directors and all officials of the World Dance Council, 06. Dezember 2021
Rest in Peace - Rudi Trautz – Extraordinary Human Being, Dancer, Diplomat, Father & Grand father

It is with unending and immense sadness, that we have to let you know of the passing of Mr. Rudi Trautz, Vice-President & Chief Examiner of the World Dance Council and the most decorated German Dancer in the history of dance.

Rudi was an extraordinary human being, kind, fair, most intelligent, the ultimate competitor and yet the kindest person we all had the pleasure of knowing.

He was the most successful German dancer of all times

Rudi Trautz won the World Championship title in Ballroom & Latin four times in a row and was European Champion eight times and German Champion 21 times. For this outstanding achievement, he was awarded the German Federal Cross of Merit as well as many international Awards in the World of Dance.

His wife Martina once described him as the "Beckenbauer" of Ballroom Dancing.

Originally, Trautz wanted to be an actor. He connected the enthusiasm for the artistic with his father, who was an opera singer. But acting training after the war was not possible for Rudi. Instead, he discovered his enthusiasm for dance during a dance class at his school. "I noticed immediately that I want to do that," he once remarked. The result was that everything he tackled afterward was only subordinate to one goal: to dance. The result was an unprecedented career.

He passed on his love for dance to his daughter Nina, who is a professional dancer and is currently asserting herself in the dance world.

Rudi’s passing is also an immense loss for the entire World of Dance. He was a statesman and diplomat and universally liked and respected.

Indeed, the WDC President and his fellow Vice-Presidents as well as all officers and employees of the Council are grieving this loss and almost unable to express the sadness they feel.

Rudi leaves his loving wife Martina, children Nina & Nicholas as well as his 2 grandchildren and we are sure that the entire dance world will join the WDC President Mr Donnie Burns MBE and the Board of Directors in expressing their sincerest condolences to the family and asking all to celebrate the life and achievements of Rudi in a manner he would have wished.

…With pride, strength, and kindness in abundance.

With my sincerest personal condolences,

Hannes Emrich

on behalf of the WDC President, Board of Directors and all officials of the World Dance Council.
Daniel Müller aus Gröbenzell, 05. Dezember 2021
Mein herzlichstes Beileid an alle Freunde und Weggefährten von Rudi, vor allem an Martina. Ich habe Rudi immer in der Erinnerung als den fröhlichen, spritzigen und witzigen Herren gehabt, der meinen und so viele andere Abschlussbälle geleitet hat. So habe ich ihn jedenfalls kennen gelernt. Er war immer ein fester Teil meiner Tanzwelt. Er wird sehr fehlen.